Wednesday, August 7, 2013

La-La & Lu-Lu Go to the Movies

As some of you may already know (but, probably many of you do not) I have put pen and ink (and pencil, and marker, and eraser, and other stuff) to paper lately, and taken up the mantle of cartoonist, to go along with the mantle of film historian and critic.  In doing so, I have created a comic strip titled La-La & Lu-Lu.  Said strip can be viewed here, and all my comics (there is more than mere La-La & Lu-Lu, ya know - much much much more) can be seen at my new blog, Brain Tumor Comix.  With all this said, I give you the latest La-La & Lu-Lu, and appropriately enough, it has to do with the movies.  I also did one based around Citizen Kane, but you will just have to go to the above site(s) to read that one.  See, that's called marketing.  Anyhoo, here ya go.  And as for my duties as film critic, one need not worry, as I will be back soon with brand new reviews. I ain't goin' nowheres my peeps.

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