Monday, August 26, 2013

Forces of Geek "A History of Sci-Fi Cinema" - Pt XII

The fine folks over at Forces of Geek have allowed me the space and time to ramble on about the history of science fiction cinema.  These bi-weekly columns, will make an attempt, however feeble, at discussing the history of this often chided cinematic genre.  From its birth to the latest CGI box office hits, I will take a look at the films that have filled the genre, as well as their literary influences and TV offshoots.  In this episode, my twelfth in the series, I take a look at the space babes and ass-kicking hotties of science fiction cinema and TV. Ooh La La, my fellow sci-fi geeks.

Read my column, "Va-Va-Va-Voom: The Hotter Side of Sci-Fi," at Forces of Geek.

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