Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forces of Geek "A History of Sci-Fi Cinema" - Pt X

The fine folks over at Forces of Geek have allowed me the space and time to ramble on about the history of science fiction cinema.  These bi-weekly columns, will make an attempt, however feeble, at discussing the history of this often chided cinematic genre.  From its birth to the latest CGI box office hits, I will take a look at the films that have filled the genre, as well as their literary influences and TV offshoots.  In this episode, my tenth in the series, I take a look at everybody's favourite giant-ass, radiation-breathing lizard/dragon/dinosaur thing - the phenomenon known simply as Godzilla.

Read my column, "All Things Godzilla," at Forces of Geek.

For links to all the parts in this series, go here, and scroll down to the Forces of Geek section.

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