Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Short (short) Break, But I'll Be Back Soon...

Hey, I just thought I would pop in and give ya'll a little what up, what up.  Cause, ya know, I am sure all my so-called peeps are out there wonderin', yo, what up with this guy not postin' anything for nearly a week now!  Well, faithful readers and true believers, not to worry - not to worry.  I have just been a little busy with other things.  You know, like getting screwed out of any LAMMY nominations for the third straight year!!  But I'm not bitter.  No, not me, boy-o!  Seriously though, I was kind of hoping that this year, all the clique-i-ness would be gone, and it would be a fairer fight at the annual LAMMY Awards.  And ya know, it kind of was.  A record amount of new blogs were nominated this year, including ten nominees in the Best Movie Reviewer category (my most desired spot), but even then...nuthin'!  Granted, several of those nominated in my stead are indeed talented writers and such, but a few of 'em..really!?  Oh well, bitterness aside, I am moving on with things.  To be honest, I was hoping, but not expecting anything anyway.  

As for my mini-break here, I will return to posting full-time sometime next week, with reviews of new films such as 42, Oblivion, On the Road, Trance, The Place Beyond the Pines, Reality and Like Someone in Love, as well as a look back at Jurassic Park, a long-promised Blu-Ray Consumer Guide, a few Retro Reviews, a new 10 Best list for Anomalous Material, the latest in my regular series on the History of Sci-Fi Cinema for the fine folks over at Forces of Geek, the third in my look at the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, a brand spankin' new edition of Hollywood Haiku, my take on The Blob (in a beautiful new Criterion BD edition), the results of our Battle Royale of King Kong vs. Godzilla, and an alternate cinematic history look at Star Wars.  Now granted, this isn't all coming up just next week, but over the next several weeks, but you get the drift.  So hold onto your hats, cats and dolls, cause I will see you in the funny papers. Well, I'll see ya here at week sometime.  Until then, here, for no apparent reason other than the obvious, is a picture of Judy Garland receiving a congratulatory kiss from Mickey Rooney upon winning her special Juvenile Oscar for 1939.  Wasn't she just adorable?

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Candice Frederick said...

awww you will be missed! and, don't worry, i didn't get animated either :(