Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle Royale #12: Battle of the Foxy Flappers (The Results)

It looks like we have ourselves another runaway victory this time around.  In the twelve Battle Royales that we have had here at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, eight of them were close, to the wire, races - one even ending up in a tie (the one tie being Joan Crawford vs. Bette Davis btw) - but the other four were pretty much runaways (especially that Marx Brothers stomping of The Three Stooges, by a whopping 68% margin).  This particular battle, the Battle of the Foxy Flappers, ended up being the third biggest margin of victory yet.  In the end, it was Lulu kicking the proverbial snot, or to go along with the picture to the right, shooting the heck outta the It Girl.  With a margin of 46%, it was Louis Brooks winning out over Clara Bow.  The final tally, as it were, was our Miss Brooks with 35 votes, or 73%, over little Miss Bow, with just 13 votes, or 27%.  I suppose I should have seen such a walloping coming from the beginning, but for some reason, I thought this one might end up being at least a bit closer than what really happened.  I must say though, that my personal choice of the lovely and talented Miss Louise Brooks, does deserve such a victory.

Well, that's it for this round of Battle Royale.  To take an aside and mention some hopeful news about said Battle Royale - this running feature was submitted for nomination consideration over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs.   Here's hopin' it will actually receive a nomination come next week.  Here's also hopin' that perhaps any of the five eligible possibilities (along with Best Running Feature, I have also submitted for Best Movie Reviewer, Most Knowledgeable, Best Design and Best Blog) will garner a nomination or two - something that I was unable to procure in my first two years of eligibility over at the LAMB.  But I digress.  It was a pretty good turnout this time around, with a total of 48 votes, but I know we can do better baby.  With that said, maybe the next Battle Royale, which will begin in just a few days, and will involve a pair of the biggest combatants yet, will garner many more votes than we saw this time around.  Our record is 66 votes (Astaire vs. Kelly, back in our second battle) but I know we can get that number into the triple digits - and get it, we shall.  So, until Battle Royale #13, up and running in just a few days, have fun.  See ya then.

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