Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh Yeah, The Oscars...

So, the Oscars are over for another year.  Affleck won, so did DDL, J-Law, Hathaway and Waltz.  Oh yeah, and Ang Lee too.  His record now is two Best Director Oscars and zero Best Picture wins.  Tarantino won his second Oscar as well, and that's just alright with me.  J-Law fell, and Wolverine (and Brad Cooper) came to her rescue.  Seth MacFarlane apparently (just judging from Facebook and Twitter) pissed some people off.  Sang a song about boobs, mocked women for never letting anything go, and told an off-colour joke about George Clooney and a nine year old - sorta.  People really need to get over themselves.  Pull that enormous stick out of their collective asses and realize these are just jokes.  Oh yeah, and there was the Onion tweet.  Okay, perhaps not the smartest move, considering how overly sensitive people are these days, but again, just a fucking joke people.  And then you have those offended that our First Lady was involved in the proceedings, but those are just the crazy right-wingers, and they're mostly a bunch of cunts anyway.  See what I did there?  Anyway, I digress. Ya know, my one friend says I do nothing but digress in my writing, but what the hell does he know!?  But anyway, I digress.  Again, see what I did there.  As I was getting to earlier, I enjoyed MacFarlane as host, but what do I know, I still think that Oprah, Uma bit that Letterman did was heeelarious.  Anyway, digressing once again, I got 18 right in my predictions.  If I listened to my heart and picked Christoph Waltz to win, I would have tied my record of 19, but alas, I did not.  Well that's it for the Oscars - and for 2012 - let us move on to bigger and better things, ya bunch of dirty cunts.  Ha, I kid.  Love ya all.

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