Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paris Reviewed at Gone Cinema Poaching

I can now add yet another outlet to my ever-growing publishing empire.  Myahahahhahahahha (maniacal evil laugh!).  Seriously though, I am now a regular writer for the wonderful cinema blog, run by Chazz Lyons, Gone Cinema Poaching,   I will be doing regular weekly reviews as well as occasional editorial pieces and will chime in at other times as well (including a best-of-the-decade project going on over there throughout the rest of the year).

My first review is for the Cedric Klapisch film, Paris.  The film has gotten some ill will - some calling it sappy and trite - and some of this criticism is warranted - the film is more a work of love and adoration than of cinematic bravura (though there is some visually stunning set pieces and I don't mean just Juliette Binoche and Melanie Laurent) - but overall I believe the film is the strongest work the director has yet done.  A playful, loving film which weaves and intersects the way an Altman film does and it momentarily stimulates before moving on to its next subject and next subplot and subtext.  Quite exhilarating actually - even if it is a bit sappy and/or maudlin at times. 

Read my review of Paris at Gone Cinema Poaching.


Michaël Parent said...

I read your review for Paris and I hope to see it soon. I really liked his other films and like you said,- the film is more a work of love and adoration than of cinematic bravura - as for his other films (L'auberge espagnole & Les Poupées russes). They are good films and they contain lots of nice moments but they just needed a deeper approach or maturity(maybe it's the themes of these films...) to be great films.
And Congrats on your new publishings! I'll be following you there too!

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanks. Great to have you watching.