Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Look Back at the Decade That Was

Beginning next week I will launch my look back at the cinematic decade that was.  Beginning with the year 2000 (sorry all you 2001 decade purists - I am beginning with 2000) and moving on through the aughts, I will talk about the best films of each particular year.  This will all lead up to the revelation of my list of the best of 2009, sometime in the first week of 2010 (since I missed out on the NYFF screening, I am holding off until I am able to see Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon - a likely addition to the list).  After this I will reveal my Best of the Decade list (January 12ish).

The main thing about doing such a project is fitting the correct films into the correct years.  My annual Best of lists go by US release but with this I will revert all films back into their proper original release date.  With that said, obviously some of these upcoming yearly looks back will not exactly coincide with some of my past Best of lists.  Some films may change in rank from these said Best of lists as well, due to a reevaluation of some of them.  I know several films (De Palma's Black Dahlia and Bertolucci's The Dreamers to name the most severe cases) have risen much higher in my esteem than they first did.  Anyway, I suppose this is neither here nor there - everything is an anomaly anyway, so why fight it.  These lists will be what these lists are - no more, no less. 

Year 2000 will be coming on November 24th, and if you were thinking the below picture is a hint to what the number one of the decade is...very close, but not quite.

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