Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Maid Reviewed at MovieZeal

I got to see a screening of The Maid by sheer happenstance.  I was attending the NYFF when I was told of a screening of Police, Adjective over at Magno (just near Times Square) and once I watched the latest in the so-called Romanian Ne Wave (or Black Wave if you will) I was about to leave for The Village and a showing of 35 Shots of Rum (being reviewed by your humble narrator very soon over at Gone Cinema Poaching - but more on that later) when I decided to see what else was screening that night at Magno.  Lo and behold it was the Chilean black comedy The Maid.  I didn't really have super high hopes for the film (though I didn't expect disaster either) but I stayed anyway and was quite happy I did.  A charming little film, but charming in the most peculiar way - sort of the same way Chas. Adams' or Edward Gorey's old comics were.  I've reviewed the film for MovieZeal (my sixth piece for that outlet) so go there and read it (if you care enough to do the heavy work of clicking the link below).

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