Sunday, October 4, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story Reviewed at MovieZeal

Michael Moore is one of those filmmakers - one of those people in general - who are either loved or hated by the masses.  He is a blunderbuss, bombastic badger of sorts, but then that is exactly what he needs to be to get the attention pointed toward his important films.  Many rightwingers blow him off as a fat lying pinko commie and many Dems don't like him because they believe his antics make liberals look bad.  I suppose I have thought that too, but after watching his latest, Capitalism: A Love Story (and I love that title dammit!), I have come to the conclusion that he is doing exactly what he should be doing. 

I have also noticed that his latest film is also his most Godardian.  You may not think Jean-Luc Godard when you think of Michael Moore, but believe me - it is there.  I go into relative detail in my review of the movie over at MovieZeal.  So go ahead over and read my review of Capitalism: A Love Story at MovieZeal and then watch the movie and see if you don't notice the Godardian influences in his filmmaking style.

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