Monday, October 19, 2009

Bright Star Reviewed at MovieZeal

Jane Campion is one of the most delectable filmmakers working today.  In much the same vein as Michael Powell or Nick Ray or Peter Greenaway, Campion's films are likely to devour you with their visual sensuality and deeply textured romanticism.  With this as my prefacing thought, I sat down and watched the auteur's seventh film, Bright Star.  My views were not changed.  Bright Star is a tragically gorgeous work of cinematic art.  I may sound a bit pretentious but to hell with whatever one may think.  It's my party and I'll cry pretentious if I want to.  You can't stop me.  Anyway, the film is sensual and beautiful and you should check out my review (my fifth review for the website MovieZeal) to read many more pretentious bon mots about the film. 

Read my Review of Bright Star at MovieZeal.

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