Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be Back Soon.....

Off the proverbial radar for this week and week-end.  Will return Tuesdayish with reviews of Antichrist, Where The Wild Things Are, Amelia, The Baader Meinhof Complex, Law Abiding Citizen, Still Walking, as well as my contribution to The Italian Horror Blog-a-Thon over at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies, a blog review of Coppola's misbegotten and miopic mini-masterpiece (sorta!?) One From The Heart (which I have finally seen, my thoughts on Kiss Me Stupid (a contribution to The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club over at Illusions Travel by Streetcar), my last (kinda late) report from this year's NYFF on their fantastic Guru Dutt retrospective and much much much more.  Okay, this won't all be arriving the second I return, but it is all coming next week.

And one more thing before I go:  GO YANKEES!!!

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