Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anomalous Material Feature: 10 Best Alternative Christmas Films

Here we are once again true believers, with my latest 10 best feature written for the fine folks over at Anomalous Material.  For those of you not in the know, those same said fine folks have given me a (possibly foolish on their behalf) regular gig as feature writer.  It is a series of top ten lists on all kinds of various cinematic subjects - and anyone who knows me at all can surely attest to how perfectly suited I am to such an endeavor (yes I am a  list nerd).  This newest feature, my thirty-first such feature, takes a look at the holiday season.  But these ain't your granddaddy's Christmas movies, baby.  These, for the most part, are the kind of Christmas films rarely found on your typical Christmas movie list.  Just go take a look for yourself.

Read my feature article, "10 Best Alternative Christmas Movies" at Anomalous Material.

Since it was a TV special, it did not make my list, but mention still has to be made of a particular 1978 George Lucas holiday special.  Of course, it is also not about Christmas, so much as the Wookiee race's Life Day, so that too makes it ineligible.  Anyway...

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