Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something in the Slightly Inactive Department.....

In case you haven't noticed (and who the hell knows how many of you out there even bother to pay attention to these cinematic ramblings), I have not exactly been overly active with my postings (aka, those parenthetically aforementioned cinematic ramblings) as of late.  There is a reason for this.  No, it is not laziness, nor is it procrastination, though I do suffer from both of these ailments on occasion. The reason is that I have just been doing other things.  Between organizing our Tenth Anniversary events at Midtown Cinema and general pre-Christmas hoopla, not to mention some of that laziness and/or procrastination you heard speak of, chances to write new pieces for The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, or at least a mind to, have not come up all too often.  

Of course none of this means I have stopped watching movies.  I am still as obsessive as ever on that end of things - I should hit 550 films watched by the end of the year (at least 120 of these being new releases).  I am still regularly writing reviews over at The Cinematheque, with links to said reviews appearing here as usual - the next one of which will be for Alexander Payne's The Descendants.  I am also continuing my regular gig over at Anomalous Material, writing up my 10 Best lists, with links to such lists posted here as well, as usual - the latest of which will be the 10 Best Animated Feature Films.  I will also be updating the reviews in My Quest to See the 1000 Greatest Films, as well as participating in a few blogathons later this month.

Actually, it would seem I will be just as busy as I always have been, so I suppose this little side note as it were, is not really all that necessary.  But seriously, when it comes to fresh material for the fodder (except for links to my reviews, which should still be quite regularly appearing), it will be at least a bit slower, a bit more hit and miss around here until after the new year.  Reviews for such films as Martha Marcy May Marlene, Sleeping Beauty, Sherlock Holmes, We Bought A Zoo, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, War Horse, Tintin, Young Adult, Shame, The Skin I Live In, The Artist, and several others will still appear over at The Cinematheque (again, linked to from here), but other than a few odds and ends sprinkled about, that will be about it until I announce my choices for the Best of 2011 sometime in the middle of January, followed closely by my final Oscar nomination predictions, and then a sort of reboot back into the more prolific writing and posting schedule everyone has become accustomed to lo this past year or so.

So, there is no need to panic Earthlings and true believers, if you are indeed out there listening, for I will be seeing you all again, right here at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World.  Actually, the alarmist that I inherently seem to be, I will not be leaving at all.  Perhaps out in the netherworld more often than here in the perfect reality of cyberspace (he said tongue firmly in cheek) but still here somewhere.  So just bear with the rather low production rate for the next month or so, and all will be right in your world once again.  Now please enjoy this completely random publicity still of a very young Joan Crawford (+ friend?) and stop your worrying.

And don't forget to vote in my poll over in the sidebar, which will still be going strong all through the holiday season.

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