Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Italian Horror Blogathon Returns

It's October - time for some scary-ass shit.  While I will be catching up on the unseen Horror end portion of My Quest to See the 1000 Greatest Films (Carrie, Nosferatu, Eyes Without A Face, Rosemary's Baby, Halloween, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir - okay, that last one may be pushing it) the fine folks over at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies (aka, film critic Kevin J. Olson) are hosting the Second Annual Italian Horror Blogathon, from Oct 26 to 31.  From Bava to Fulci to Argento, and everyone inbetween.  As Mr. Olson says in his introductory post, "Anything from Giallo to Zombies to bad knock-offs of more popular movies to really bad Exploitation long as it's horror and from Italy, it meets the criteria for this blog-a-thon."  One can read and hear all about this blogathon by heading on over to Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies.  I will probably not be joining in myself (due to time constraints), but still wanted to get the word out there for those who care.   Please enjoy the quite bothersome banner below (with my queasiness toward certain aspects of the body - I can't even watch a person put contacts in their eyes - imagine how I feel about this).

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