Thursday, April 21, 2011

The LAMMYS are Here!!!

Every year around this time, the fine folks over at the LAMB (aka, the Large Association of Movie Blogs) hand out the coveted LAMMYS.  These are awards voted on by your peers (aka, other movie/film bloggers) and hold some esteem in the crowd I (sorta) run with.  There are fifteen categories, including Best Movie Reviewer, Most Prolific, Best Classic Film Blog, Funniest Writer, Best New LAMB and (of course) Best Overall Blog.  The nomination process is happening now (and runs through May 9th) so I have put together (with no shame whatsoever) an FYC ad for the occasion.  It is going to be up and running on the LAMB site very soon (along with many of my fellow movie blogging award hopefuls).  Here it is now.

For those of you who are fellow LAMBS (and therefore eligible to vote) you can do it here.  Perhaps while you are there, you could maybe toss this fellow critic a bone.  No pressure.  I'll still love you, don't worry.

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