Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Cinematheque Reviews:
Morning Glory

"What's the story, morning glory?"  I hate that saying.  As far as quippy little sayings go, that one is on par with such stalwart ditties as "see ya later, alligator" and "peachy keen, jellybean".  But I suppose cutesy and cloying is what they were going for in the annoyingly named Morning Glory.  Well, guess what - that is exactly what they got.  Even Han Fucking Solo himself could not save this one - though it's a wonder he even wanted to try.  I am guessing, much like his character in the film, the bull-headed, no-nonsense Mike Pomeroy, Harrison Ford did it for the money.  Anyway, go on over to The Cinematheque and check out my review of said film (and Ford's part in the whole thing - it's saving grace if the film were to have a saving grace).  See ya later, alli...ah forget it.


Anonymous said...

A random stumble over on this one and just by the picture above and your brief description I think that's about all I need to know this film is one to miss. Ford has been mostly miss these days and while I commend his effort to keep working I think he should fire his agent and/or return to the kinds of films that made him the star he is - more action, less emotion, less dialog.


Kevyn Knox said...

He is the only good thing about the film (the few laughs it does have come from him or because of him) but even he is forced to play along by the end. His next film, Cowboys & Aliens looks like a lot of fun though.

Squish said...

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Castor said...

I enjoyed Morning Glory. Sure it isn't anything groundbreaking, and it certainly is a lightweight, fluffy movie but overall, this is one of the better effort as far as rom-coms go these days. I think we need to cut some slack for female-centric movie that portrays strong-willed women and don't insult our intelligence if we ever hope to get less of the idiotic Katherine Heigl/Jennifer Aniston-type romantic comedies.

Read my Morning Glory movie review if you are interested.

Kevyn Knox said...

This is surely better than ANY Katherine Heigl movie.