Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reviewed at The Cinematheque

Without further ado (I saw the damned movie three days ago already!) here is my take on a certain Christopher Nolan directed Summer blockbuster-to-be - but a blockbuster of a more artistic bent than most.  It may not be the so-called "game-changer" so many are hoping or calling for, but it is a damn fun ride to take.  A popcorn flick thrill ride one could say if one were so inclined.  See, when you read between the pretentious lines, I am capable of thoroughly enjoying a big budget modern Hollywood blockbuster.  That proves I'm not a film snob.  Well, not really, since I am still quite the film snob (and used the term popcorn flick thrill ride with tongue firmly in cheek!)... but I digress...and give you the following...

...along w/ a bonus pic of the utterly gorgeous Ms. Cotillard, whose mere presence (and what a presence it is!) makes the movie in question sizzle just that much more.

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Natalie said...

So...where would you put this movie on a scale of 1-10 (one being the lowest)? I'm pretty sure that is was the worst movie I ever saw (no offense) - it was so pointless. P.S. Sorry, this comment is a year late, I just watched this movie this week.