Thursday, December 31, 2009

All About New Year's Eve (and what is forthcoming in 2010)

Well, as J.L. said, another year over and a new one just begun.  It is December 31st and 2009 is coming to a close.  As for that annual critic's tradition, I will be revealing my Top 10 List in less than a week.  Also coming soon will be the Best of the Decade List (as those who follow this blog know I have been counting down to the past few weeks).  As far as new reviews, or more precisely, reviews that I have been procrastinating on, they are coming too. In the next few weeks I will (finally) be publishing my reviews of Up in the Air, The Messenger, Bad Lieutenant, Precious, Invictus, Nine, A Single Man, Me & Orson Welles, A Town Called Panic, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Brothers, The Road, Red Cliff, Police Adjective, Still Walking, Broken Embraces, Crazy Heart, Mammoth and Avatar.  After that a fresh new start in 2010. Until then, Happy New Year and go watch the ball, strawberry, banana, heart, pickle, goat, cow, bow tie, apple, turtle, badger, kumquat or whatever one watches drop at midnight, because tonight is all about eve (get it?).  See you next year.

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