Friday, June 28, 2013

Shout Hallelujah, Come on Get Happy!! Return of Regular Posts!

To usurp a saying from Stan Lee, hey true believers!  I went on holiday last week, as I am sure all my faithful readers (now usurping from the late great Miss Dorothy Parker) already know, and have not posted a damn thing in and around these parts since before that.  Friday, June 14th to be a bit more exacting in my last posting.  I said I would be back, and so, here I am, but alas, many things have happened to your not-so-humble narrator in the so-called meantime.  As all those aforementioned faithful readers also already know, my lovely wife and I have run a three screen arthouse cinema in our home(ish) town of Harrisburg Pa, lo these past four and a half years.  Well, that all came to a crashing end on Monday (having just returned from the only real vacation we have had in these same said four and a half years) when we were both fired by the cinema's owners.  But, as they say, whomever they may be, c'est la vie, que sera sera, and all that jazz.  Life goes on, and Amy and I move on to new adventures.  

As of Monday, June 24th, around 10:08 am, Amy and I are enjoying our suddenly christened "Summer of Leisure."  When all this was coming to a head, and the stress and anticipation was killing us, I was contemplating a Summer long haitus from this very site, the one you "hold" in your hands right now, but what a silly thing to do.  I am suddenly inundated with free time (unemployment is great for the rest of the season, until I find something else to pay the proverbial bills) so why not write write write.  Oh yeah, and watch a shitload of films too!  Seriously, The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World is going nowhere, and it ain't stayin' dormant either!  I will be back this weekend with a final tallying of the latest Battle Royale (voting still goes for another day, so get your vote on over in the sidebar), and then early next week with reviews of Before Midnight, World War Z, The Bling Ring, This is the End, The Heat, and Upstream Color.  I will also kick my Fred and Ginger series into high gear, as well as get back to all the other promised things from earlier this year.  I also have lots and lots of movies to watch, something I have not been doing much of these past six or seven months due to the stress of everything happening elsewhere - and elsewhere that is now gone.  

Granted, I am saddened to not be running the cinema any longer (many of the customers were like family to Amy and I), and I will surely miss watching all my favourite classic (and not-so-classic) films on the big screen after hours everything from Taxi Driver to The Red Shoes to Dazed and Confused to The Blob), but in one of those blessings-in-disguise type of twist endings, the amount of stress that has been lifted from my shoulders is tremendous, and for the first time in months, I can breathe.  Now it is time to turn my attentions back to my film watching, reviewing, and everything that goes with being the great film historian I so want to be - which incudes maybe finally finishing that damn book I have been talking about for the last few years.  See ya soon true believers and faithful readers...I'm back baby!!  And to celebrate (as well as a sort of sidebar congrats to all my LGBT friends out there after the defeat of DOMA by SCOTUS yesterday) here is that lovely lady singing the title of this post (well, part of it anyway).  See ya on the flipside.

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