Monday, June 10, 2013

Maybe We'll See the Ghost of Dean Martin too

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know, my writing output has already been a little on the weak side these days (quantity, not quality, I hope), and now here I am telling all my loyals that the dry spell will continue.  Sure, I have lots of things planned for the Summer, writing-wise, and I will eventually be getting to them.  In the meantime though, the lovely wife and I will be heading west, to the City of so-called Sin.  That's right, we will be in Vegas soon, and believe it or not, I am not even taking my laptop.  That's right, I am goin' off the grid baby.  Okay, I will have my smart phone with me, I'm not that crazy, but seriously, there will only be one (maybe two) posts in and around these parts over the next week or so.  I will be rounding up the latest Battle Royale (Cagney vs. Edward G., for those who are caught unawares) this weekend, and letting you all in on who comes out on top in that one (tight race right now, get over there and vote - it is right near the top of the damn sidebar for crying out loud) and I will also be posting a review of Man of Steel either Friday or Saturday, but after that, it is off to the lights of the desert for some R&R.  Once I return (after the 24th-ish) I will be posting some rather overdue reviews of such films as The Purge, This is the End, Now You See Me, Before Midnight, and Upstream Color, as well as putting together a brand new Battle Royale, and getting started on a few fun Summer things (more on those later).  Until is a shot from one of my favourite Vegas-set films.  Yeah, that's right.

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