Friday, May 10, 2013

Pennlive Go Watch This: Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus

Well kids, it looks like I have another new gig.  This time it is a monthly-ish (?) piece for the fine folks over at Pennlive, a local news and entertainment website.  These are mainly just little fluff pieces, nothing in depth at all, but as they say, a byline is a byline.  But seriously folks, Go Watch This is a series that is meant to have local film knowledgeable peeps take a look at lesser known films - at least lesser known by mainstream standards - and tell the less film knowledgeable peeps why they need to, um...go watch this.  My first piece for the series is on Marcel Camus' beautiful 1959 film, Black Orpheus.  Coincidentally (not really), Black Orpheus also happens to be playing on May 18th and 19th at Midtown Cinema (the art house cinema my lovely wife and I run, for those not in the know), so it acts as a plug as well.  Anyway, go to the link below and check it out, as thee kids are saying.  My next one will be in June sometime.

Read my article on Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus at Pennlive's Go Watch This.

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