Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Look Out, Ole LAMMY, He's Back or: The LAMMY Awards Are Back in Town, and Here's Hopin' I Maybe, Possibly Get One, Yes!?

Well folks, it is that time of year again.  The time of the year where I get snubbed by my peers, and am left cold and nominationless at the LAMMYs.  What are the LAMMYs you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  There is an organization floating around the web, and that organization is called The Large Association of Movie Blogs, or LAMB for short.  Two-and-a-half years ago, I became proud member #678 of this organization.  Now, every year, around the beginnings of Spring, there is a thing called the LAMMYs.  This is our queer little version of the Oscars.  With categories such as Best Movie Reviewer, Best Classic Film Blog, Best New LAMB, Most Knowledgeable (formerly called the Brainiac Award - a much better name if you ask me), Best Horror Blog, Best Design, and the big boy, Best Blog, among others, we LAMBs go about campaigning for votes from our fellow LAMBs.  Or we do nothing, and hope for the best.  Or we just ignore the whole damn thing and go on with our lives.  I personally do the former, and campaign for votes from my fellow LAMBs.  

In years one and two of my eligibility for such awards, I received exactly zero nominations, and thus, no wins at all.   Yes folks, just like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Tyrone Power, Veronica Lake, Boris Karloff, Ida Lupino and Edward G. Robinson, never having received even a single Oscar nomination throughout their careers, I have never received a LAMMY nod.  Now granted, my career as a LAMMY possibility is only just now in its third year, so perhaps it is not a lost cause after all.  And, giving me even more hope this time around, is the new way of going about nominating this year.  With much more concise rules, and a list of eligibles in each category (as opposed to the 1500+ member free-for-all of past years, where basically only the cool guy clique members got nominations), we hopefuls have a better chance.  Personally, I have submitted myself in five different categories - Best Blog, Best Movie Reviewer, Most Knowledgeable, Best Design, and Best Running Feature, wherein I have two eligible features, my Battle Royale series and My Favourite Things series.  Now I figure Best Blog is probably a no go (the cool kids are still bound to be there), and Best Design would be a fluke nomination (my website is nice-looking, but still quite basic when it comes to web design), and the Running Features category is so stuffed to the gills, it will probably not happen.  The other two though - Reviewer and the old Brainiac award - are the ones I am hopeful about, as well as the ones I consider the highest of honours, so there lie the most desirable of the bunch.

And speaking of campaigning (I did speak of such things earlier - go back and check if you do not believe me) pictured above and to the right, is my FYC banner for this year's LAMMY (and there are some alternately coloured ones below as well).  Past banners (and past pleas) can be viewed here and here.  Now, at this point, if you haven't already dozed off or abandoned me for some other cyberspace shiny object, you are probably wondering how the hell do I vote for this guy!?  Well, unless you are also a LAMB member, you sadly cannot, but all those fellow LAMMYs reading this, well you know what to do.  Voting runs through April 3rd, at the LAMB (all eligible nominees can be found here, and a link to the actual voting booth, as it were, can be found here) and hopefully I can count on your vote, and yada yada yada, and all that jazz.  Yeah, Marilyn, Rita, Karloff and Eddie G. are fine company to be in, but, shallow as it may seem, I think I would rather have me a nomination or two as well.  That'll show 'em.  Here's hopin'.


Tom said...

Ya know, there should really be a nomination for Best Campaign Banner, too.

Kevyn Knox said...

Actually there is. The voting on that happens after the nominations are announced.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Kevyn, I'll throw a nomination vote or two your way. ;)

Kevyn Knox said...

Thanx. Right backatchya.

Chris said...

Good luck! A blogging friend(Lisa Thatcher) told me today about your site, so I'll consider you for final voting (I've already voted for nominees)

I'm bookmarking your link !