Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Film Poll #1: The Results

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL MOST BEAUTIFUL FRAUD IN THE WORLD CINEMA POLL has concluded its first week.  You were asked (in anticipation of Sofia Coppola's 4th film, Somewhere)  to name your favourite Sofia Coppola film thus far.  Seventeen people voted in the poll (not bad for a first time??) but, and I believe I speak for Mr. Murray as well, more would be better. 
The results were as follows.

Lost in Translation - 8 votes (47%)
Marie Antoinette - 5 votes (29%)
The Virgin Suicides - 4 votes (23%)

Not a real surprise.  My favourite came in second, but....ah well.

The new poll can be found in the lefthand sidebar.  This week, in memory of Claude Chabrol, you get to choose your favourite French New Wave director.  Vote away.....


Jeffrey M. Anderson said...

Favorite French New Wave director? I love them all, but Jacques Rivette has always spoken to me more clearly than the others. - Jeffrey M. Anderson

KEVYN KNOX said...

I never knew much about Rivette earlier on in my cinephiliac days. Mainly just Truffaut and Godard. A few years ago, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens NY held a retrospective of Rivette's work (having only seen his newest, at the time, Va Savoir) and I did indeed fall in love. Watching Celine & Julie, The Nun's Story and Out 1 on the big screen at the museum was wonderful.

Still though, when I went to vote, I had to go for JLG. Because of Breathless, Band of Outsiders, Contempt, Alphaville, Week-end, Woman is a Woman.

Rohmer and Chabrol I am still woefully neglectful of. I should remedy that soon.

Matt Severson said...

This is a tough choice, as I love so many of the New Wave directors. I know this will be seen as a conservative vote by many, but I would have to go with Francois Truffaut.

Even though the quality of his films vary from film to film, but -- he still made THE 400 BLOWS which will always be one of my favorite films of all-time, and as a person, he seems to embody the spirit of the Nouvelle Vague better than anyone else.

So my choice for the top spot would be TRUFFAUT, followed by Godard, Varda, Rohmer, Rivette, Demy, Resnais and Chabrol.

KEVYN KNOX said...

Poor M. Chabrol has yet to get even a pity vote.