Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anomalous Material Feature: 10 Best James Bond Films

It has been quite a while (four and a half months for those keeping score at home), but here we are once again true believers, with my latest 10 best feature written for the fine folks over at Anomalous Material.  For those of you not in the know, those same said fine folks have given me a (possibly foolish on their behalf) regular gig as feature writer.  It is a series of top ten lists on all kinds of various cinematic subjects - and anyone who knows me at all can surely attest to how perfectly suited I am to such an endeavor (yes I am a  list nerd).  This newest feature, my twenty-ninth such feature, is a special edition to coincide with the release of Skyfall, the twenty-third official James Bond film (twenty-fifth if you count the unofficial ones, and twenty-sixth if you add the fifties BBC version).  This time around we take a look at the ten best James Bond films, so here you go.

Read my feature article, "10 Best James Bond Films" at Anomalous Material.

Once you read my 10 Best list, you will see that one of these guys below, and I think you know which one, is my favourite - and that two of them do not even make an appearance on the list at all.   Of course you can always check out my review of the aforementioned twenty-third official Bond entry HERE, and also get a peek at my ranking of all twenty-three films.

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