Friday, July 23, 2010

I Am Love
Reviewed at The Cinematheque

I first saw Luca Guadagnino's I Am Love at a little arthouse cinema just outside of Philly, called The Ambler Theater.  The Ambler first opened its doors on the last day of 1928 (owned by Warner Brothers at the time) by showing the Harry Beaumont directed, Joan Crawford vehicle, Our Dancing Daughters.  After closing down in 1970 (as many classic cinemas were forced to do) and becoming a christian theater (specializing in showing 16mm prints of movies like The Robe) the Ambler began to deteriorate and finally shut down for good - well almost.  In 2003, The Ambler opened its doors again and to this day shows both new releases and classic cinema inside its fully renovated doors.

The reason I go on about the cinema itself is because it is a classic movie house in modern times and this is exactly what I Am Love is.  The whole complaint about how they no longer make 'em like they used to is put to rest with this beautiful, delectable new work of Italian cinema.  Go inside my review (linked just below) and read much more loving, gushing hyperbole on this film.  And if you ever find yourself in or around Philadelphia, check out the Ambler Theater.  I know I for one, am going back to see Lawrence of Arabia on 35mm next month!

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