Saturday, May 29, 2010

City Island Reviewed at The Cinematheque

Who would have ever thought I would one day be praising an Andy Garcia film.  Always rather lackluster in my opinion (the poor man's Pacino perhaps - for better or for worse) I was surprised, nay, I was shocked when I realized that I actually enjoyed his latest work, City Island.  Yet, that aside, it is Julianna Margulies who steals the show.  And damn, is she ever looking fine these days too.  She plays the part with some sort of transfixing, desperate, white trash sex appeal - and I mean that in the most complimentary way.  The woman is smokin'.  Anyway, I digress (or digest, in the words of Peter Griffin) and must repeat again how much I enjoyed this film.  Sure, it is far from a masterpiece, but it is miles above what I had originally expected.  And did I mention how smokin' hot Julianna Margulies looks here?  Yea, I suppose I did.  Anyway, check out my review over at my main site (linked immediately below in case you did not notice) and check back for more reviews coming soon for such films as North Face, The Runaways, Bluebeard, The Secret in Their Eyes, Harry Brown, The Prophet, The Ghost Writer, Everyone Else and (FINALLY) Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, which should have been reviewed two plus months ago but was way-laid due to my unexpected sabbatical of sorts.  Anyway, check back soon - or better yet, put my blog in Google Reader beeatches! 

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