Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Reviewed at The Vigilant Monkey

I went into this movie with absolutely no intentions of liking it.  Expecting to hate it actually.  I do like Robert Downey Jr. and I did enjoy Iron Man (he is playing essentially the same character here!? - just sans the armour overalls) but to think I could sit there for more than two hours and enjoy a Guy "Snatch" Ritchie movie???  A Guy "Lock, Stock & Two Freakin' Smoking Barrels" Ritchie movie?????  A Guy "RocknRolla" Ritchie movie??????  A Guy "Swept Away" Ritchie movie???????  Just ain't happenin' brothah.

But guess what?  I sat there for more than two hours and enjoyed a Guy Ritchie movie.  A Guy "Sherlock Holmes" Ritchie movie!!!!!  True, the arbitrary auteur's annoying filmmaking style is still quite intact but with the help of Tony Stark gone back in, I mean with the help of Robert Downey Jr. (and Jude Law), Ritchie's movie works - for the most part.  It still had the most mundane of villians and relied too heavily on CGI, but hey, just the fact that I sat there for more than two hours and enjoyed a Guy Ritchie movie should be enough of a victory.  Anyway, my review is over at The Vigilant Monkey (one of my three regular haunts outside of my own site). 

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